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LA City Attorney Cory Brente defends killer cops

By Carlos Montes

LA City Attorney Cory Brente.

Los Angeles, CA – After the murder of George Floyd, the Los Angeles Times published an article that looks at the connection between the Los Angeles Police Department and the Force Science Institute, a police training academy from Minnesota that creates fear among police toward civilians. The article spotlights the relationship between FSI and Cory Brente, the LA city attorney in charge of defending LAPD killer cops. The head of the Police Litigation Unit, Brente enjoys justifying LAPD killings of Chicano and Black victims.

Brente’s most recent work was defending two-time killer cop Eden Medina. LAPD cop Medina killed Omar Gonzalez on July 26, 2016 in Boyle Heights and only 12 days later, on August 9, 2016, killed 14-year-old Jesse Romero.

Victim families file lawsuits for damages, while Brente and his team never show an ounce of remorse or sympathy toward the victims. Families continue pushing for justice and have united with each other to push for the jailing of the killer cops. During trials, Brente is known for insulting victims’ families during cross examination, and even uses offensive Blue Lives Matter memes to garner laughs out of jurors.

Cory Brente was the October 2018 keynote speaker at an FSI Event

Force Science Institute (FSI), founded by William Lewinski, is a police training academy that promotes disputed de-escalation or tactical training. Police departments nationwide use these training sessions to justify the killings of civilians. Per an article by the Los Angeles Times: “Its critics include a former Justice Department official and the head of a top policing group, who worry that the institute’s offerings are ineffective and foster fear among officers that can lead to unnecessary force.” Lewinski has been criticized for his ongoing paid work defending police in courts. This includes the well-known case in the 2009 killing of Oscar Grant shot in Oakland. FSI has done training for LAPD in the past.

During trials, Brente calls on expert witnesses like FSI employees and directors to help justify LAPD shootings and killings of local residents. Was Brente paid to be the keynote speaker at their October 2018 event? And does this create a conflict of interest for one of Brente’s biggest weapons against justice? During one trial, a Los Angeles judge dismissed himself from a case due to the unprincipled and continuous attacks by Brente in the courtroom.

The LA city attorney's office pays out millions of dollars per year to victims of LAPD.

Centro CSO supports and organizes with families who are victims of police killings. Part of our work in supporting families is calling for community control of the police, and the prosecution or jailing of all of the killer cops. To become a CSO member, fill out the contact card:

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