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LA Chicanos demand justice for Adrian Rios and booting Banditos Sheriffs’ gang

By staff

LA protest demands justice for Adrian Rios.

Los Angeles, CA – On September 9, 40 friends, family and community members rallied in front of the East LA Sheriff’s station demanding justice for the in-custody brutal murder of Adrian Rios, a 28-year-old Chicano. They were joined by the family of David Ordaz Jr., who was killed by East LA Sheriff’s deputies.

The rally was organized by Centro CSO in solidarity with the grieving family and their demands for justice. Veteran Chicano revolutionary Carlos Montes led the family in the rally. He also tied the fight against police killings to the struggle for Chicano liberation.

Adrian Rios was killed while in custody at the East LA Sheriff’s Department on May 2, 2023. The reason for his arrest is still not known and his autopsy has yet to be released. His mother, Arcelia Covarrubias, and the family are traumatized. Arcelia Covarrubias, the mother of Adrian Rios, was searching for her son and went to the East LA Sheriff’s station. There she was first interrogated then shocked when told of her son's death, The family was not allowed to see Adrian until 21 days after his murder, at the funeral home, and it was clear he was brutalized.

Adrian attended Torres High School and participated in many sports at Obregon Park, winning in a diving competition.

The murder of Adrian Rios is one of many police killings in East Los Angeles. The East LA Sheriff’s Department is home to the Banditos, a violent gang of deputies responsible for the murder of young Chicano and African American men. Along with Adrian Rios, Anthony Daniel Vargas, Jorge Serrano, Paul Rea and Edwin Rodriguez are some recent victims of the Banditos. The recently elected Sheriff Robert Luna has said he wants to eradicate deputy gangs, but no real action has taken place and a second gang has started in East LA station.

At the rally, Arcelia Covarrubias, Adrians’s mother, shouted, “I’m not going anywhere! I want justice! Get rid of all of the Banditos, they are crooked. It is a shame that some of our own people are running this place and recruiting them. It’s disgusting! Pillar Chavez, former captain, you know who you are!”

Anica Covarrubias, Adrian’s sister, spoke demanding justice for her brother. Centro CSO stands with the Rios family in their cry for justice and the ongoing fight to boot the deputy gangs. Arcelia also called out Robert Luna for his slow action on deputy gangs. She shouted, “That’s why we voted for you!”

Centro CSO has launched a petition to raise awareness and unite the community in the struggle to eradicate deputy gangs and the fight for community control of the police. The petition demands that the LA Board of Supervisors and Sheriff Robert Luna talk with the community for a town hall meeting to address how he plans to honor his campaign promise of eradicating the gangs. With one week of outreach, the petition now has over 120 signatures.

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