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Justice for Brieon Green Coalition demands transparency from the Sheriff’s Office

By staff

Justice for Brieon Green Coalition at the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

Milwaukee, WI – On October 26, the Justice for Brieon Green Coalition descended upon the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office to demand transparency around the case of Brieon Green. Members of the coalition rallied and picketed outside of the building since sheriff deputies closed the entrance as soon as the crowd gathered. Wednesday’s event also marked four months since Green’s death while being held in Milwaukee County Jail.

The Green family’s lawyer attended and provided important updates on the case. Both the Milwaukee and Waukesha County Sheriff’s Office, which are investigating the case, are refusing to cooperate. They have been stalling in the investigation and haven’t signed off on the death certificate.

Speaking on behalf of the Green family, Franklin Dunlap, Brieon Green’s uncle, asked, “How hard is it for these officers to go through the logs and videos to say what happened?”

It’s not due to a lack of resources, since the Sheriff’s Office takes up close to half of the county’s budget and is expected to receive an increase. County Supervisor Ryan Clancy spoke to how the Sheriff’s Office sets their own policy and acts as if they aren’t accountable to the people, which is why as Clancy said, “They are accountable to the people through the county budget. We may not be able to tell them what to do, but we can take away their dollars.”

Since the formation of the Justice for Brieon Green Coalition earlier this month, Earnell Lucas resigned as sheriff, and Denita Ball has officially begun her term.

“Ball ran on a platform of openness and transparency, and we’re going to hold her to it,” said Brian Verdin, education chair of the MAARPR.

It remains to be seen if the new sheriff will be more cooperative around the case, but the coalition will continue to make noise and demand for transparency.

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