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Jacksonville still demands Justice for Vernell Bing Jr, remembers victims of JSO police terror

By staff

Jacksonville event demands Justice for Vernell Bing Jr.

Jacksonville, FL – On May 21, the Jacksonville Community Action Committee and the family of Vernell Bing Jr., under the leadership of Vernell’s mother, Ms. Shirley, celebrated the Third annual Red Day at A. Phillip Randolph Park. With chants of “Justice for Lil Red,” over 70 people came out to enjoy food and music while hearing from families of those affected by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) police terror.

Red Day is a celebration of the life and legacy of Vernell “Red” Bing Jr. who was killed by JSO killer cop Tyler Landreville in 2016, shot in the back unarmed. No charges were ever filed for this killing. Since then, this incident this officer has killed more people. However, his mother and family have vowed to fight.

“We are calling for accountability which is why we are pushing for a Public Safety Committee,” said Jess Machin, an organizer with the Jacksonville Community Action Committee. “Only by the people having a voice in how our communities are policed will we see an actual change.”

The family of Leah Baker was also present and spoke. Charity Baker’s daughter Leah Baker was killed by Sergeant J.C Nobles after a mental health incident. Nobles is a notorious multiple-time killer of civilians, and has been subject to many community protests and objections to him still being on the police force.

Both families vowed to keep fighting for justice.

“We must vote for this,” said Ms. Shirley, referring to the creation of a Public Safety Committee.

JCAC along with other community partners are pushing for a public referendum calling for the creation of a Public Safety Committee to provide civilian oversight over JSO. Organizers are planning to have it on the ballot in 2026.

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