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Jacksonville rallies against proposed Florida civilian police oversight ban, demands to “kill the bill”

By staff

Jacksonville, Florida rally against bill that would ban civilian review of police crimes. | Fight Back! News/staff

Jacksonville, FL – A few dozen community members and activists rallied to demand an end to a proposed state legislative bill meant to end civilian review boards investigations into police misconduct.

SB 576/HB 601 is legislation designed to disband civilian oversight in Florida. Currently a few dozen cities and counties have some form of civilian oversight boards. This legislation as designed seeks to stop any civilian investigations into officer misconduct and concentrate civilian oversight appointment into the hands of police chiefs and sheriffs.

Protesters chanted, “Rep. Wyman Duggan shame on you, Black lives matter too” along with chants of “Kill the bill, kill the bill.”

The Jacksonville Community Action Committee (JCAC), Florida Rising, Take Em Down Jax, the Northside Coalition of Jacksonville, and UNF Students for a Democratic Society and Black Voters Matter all had members present at the rally.

Joe Ross of the Northside Coalition said, “This bill is Jim Crow, and they want to take power away from the people because they know the people will hold them accountable.”

Jamil Davis of the JCAC and Black Voters Matter demanded state senators vote no when the bill hits the senate. “Do you represent the 84 people killed by the police last year or do you represent the 84 cops who killed them?” Davis asked.

SB 576 is slated to be up in the state senate next week. Protesters voted to keep the pressure up to stop the bill from passing.

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