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Jacksonville rallies against brutal beating by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

By staff

Community rallies against brutal beating carried out by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. | Fight Back! News/staff

Jacksonville, FL – The Jacksonville Community Action Committee rallied alongside concerned community members to demand justice for 24-year-old Le’Keian Woods. Nearly 100 people gathered in front of the Police Memorial Building on Sunday, October 1.

Woods was brutalized by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) following a traffic stop. The officers beat Woods to the point that he became unrecognizable due to swelling and injuries, and he was sent to the hospital to monitor his severe concussion.

The Jacksonville Community Action Committee (JCAC) was joined by his mother and wider family who are still seeking answers. His mother, Natassia Woods, expressed, “Nobody should be able to be beaten like that and get away with it. You don’t beat dogs like that.”

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters has publicly pronounced the others were justified in their actions, and they belong back on patrol. These officers are a part of a notorious gang unit known for their brutal tactics.

The JCAC is demanding the following: all officers involved be held accountable for their actions, the immediate dissolution of the JSO gang unit, and the implementation of a Public Safety Committee that would grant community members a seat at the table on matters of safety and policing.

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