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Jacksonville rallies after killer cop arrested

By staff

Jacksonville rally follows arrest of killer cop.  | Fight Back! News/staff

Jacksonville, FL – Jacksonville Community Action Committee along with other organizations rallied at City Hall on Wednesday, April 3, after two-time-killer cop and serial brutalizer and former JSO officer Josue Garriga was arrested by Clay County Sheriff’s office. Garriga was caught engaging in unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Josue Garriga had been involved in the death of FAMU student Jamee Johnson and most recently was involved in the brutal beating of Le’Keian Woods.

Organizers demanded dropping of charges against La’Keian Woods and the disbandment of the racist JSO Gang Unit, a unit responsible for terrorizing the Black community. Organizers also demanded a complete review of every case Garriga has been involved with. Protesters also condemned the inaction of Jax Sheriff TK Waters, who allowed Garriga to serve 19 days on the streets while he was aware he was under investigation for sex crimes with a minor.

“I’m just glad he can’t do this to another child and that he won’t be able to hurt anyone else,” said Natassia Woods, the mother of Le’Keian Woods. Josue Garriga is currently being held in Clay County Jail without bond.

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