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Jacksonville Panel demands ‘Stop Angela Corey's war on Black women!’

By Fern

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Jacksonville, FL – More than 20 people gathered at Chamblin's Uptown, a bookstore and coffee shop, July 27, to attend a Jacksonville Progressive Coalition's (JPC) educational event where a panel discussed Angela Corey's war on Black women.

Angela Corey is the State Attorney in Florida responsible for letting George Zimmerman walk after murdering Trayvon Martin and for failing to get a conviction for Michael Dunn after he murdered Jordan Davis at a Jacksonville gas station. Angela Corey is also responsible for locking up Marissa Alexander for firing a warning shot to defend herself from an abusive man. Corey is trying to put Alexander away for 60 years.

The panel discussed how Marissa Alexander was being abused for being Black and a woman. One of the speakers said that this was not the first time Angela Corey had attacked a Black woman for defending herself. Organizers in the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition have recently uncovered another case, the case of Carolyn Barnes, which has striking similarities to Alexander's case. The common thread was that both women were targets of Angela Corey's war on Black women.

Action News Jax sent a camera and a reporter to cover the event. The reporter interviewed JPC organizer Wells Todd about the Coalition's ongoing “Angela Corey Out Now!” campaign.

Chrisley Carpio, an organizer with Gainesville Students for a Democratic Society and a speaker on the panel, recounted her experiences organizing rallies and marches for Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, including two acts of civil disobedience undertaken with the Dream Defenders in Florida. “Only by organizing militant actions in the streets can we hope to get justice for Trayvon, Jordan, and now Marissa,” Carpio told the audience.

The discussion ended with a question and answer session for the panel. Activists vowed to keep fighting until Anglea Corey was out of office and justice was won for all her victims.

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