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Israel’s Apartheid Wall:: More Theft Of Palestinian Land

By Hatem Abudayyeh

Israel's wall around Qalqiliya.

The ‘Wall’ which the Israeli government began constructing in June of 2002, and which lies well within the borders of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, is devastating fertile Palestinian land, cutting off even more Palestinian water resources and destroying Palestinian villages – in some cases enclosing them on three sides. Israel is illegally, according to international law set out by the United Nations, snaking its apartheid Wall up to 3.8 miles inside the West Bank’s ‘Green Line,’ the internationally recognized borders for the West Bank.

The Wall steals Palestinian land, strangles the Palestinian economy, limits Palestinian mobility and kills any hope for a peaceful and just resolution of the issue of Palestine. The building of this Wall is further proof that the Israeli government, with political and financial support from the U.S., is trying to take as much land as possible from the Palestinians, ultimately forcing them off their land entirely. Palestinians continue to resist the building of the Wall, and the illegal Israeli occupation.

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