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Israeli missiles strike Syrian airport

By staff

Syrian’s anti-imperialist government is condemning the latest, Jan. 13, missile attack on Mazzeh military airport, which is to west of Damascus.

According to a report from the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), Syria’s Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent two letters to UN Secretary General and the head of the UN Security Council about the new Israeli aggression.

SANA also reports “the Ministry said that Israel launched another treacherous aggression on the Syrian Arab Republic just after midnight on Friday, and this aggression is part a long series of Israeli attacks since the beginning of the terrorist war on the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of Syria, adding that these attacks have been planned by the Israeli, French, and British intelligence agencies and their agents in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and other countries that wanted to impose control and hegemony on Syria and the region.”

The report continues, “these attacks would not have happened without the direct support of the outgoing U.S. administration and the French and British leaderships.”

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