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Israeli drone attack on Beirut suburb

By staff

Washington, DC – Israel launched a drone attack in Beirut’s southern suburb, Dahiyeh, August 24, targeting the media offices of the national democratic political party Hezbollah. Lebanese politicians denounced the attacks as “acts of war,” and Hezbollah stated it will respond.

Hezbollah reports that one of the Israelis drones exploded and the other did not – due to a technical failure. Of the drone that failed to blow up, Hezbollah stated “it was laden with a bomb which was professionally wrapped and isolated,” made up of C4 explosives.

In recent days, Israel has launched attacks on Syria, Iraq, Gaza, and eastern Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

Emboldened by Trump’s backing, and facing a growing tide of anger from the occupied Palestinians and the people of the Middle East, the Israeli authorities are lashing out at counties and popular political forces across the region.

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