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Commentary: Detroit conference to build unity for immigrant rights

By Carlos Montes

Los Angeles, CA – The battle is on. Attacks against immigrants are intensifying. There is an upturn in ICE raids, mass detentions and deportations. Jailing, beatings and killings by police and ICE agents continue, with hate crimes against Mexicans on the rise.

Unite to Struggle

We must unite all progressive forces in a united front to beat back these attacks and again take back the offensive to win complete legalization for all immigrants and end the war in Iraq. We call on all pro-immigrant rights and progressive organizations to join us for a national unity conference on Feb. 22-23, 2008 in Detroit, Michigan.

Plan of Action

At this conference we will unite on a plan of action for mass national mobilizations in major cities for May 1, 2008. Without struggle there will be no victories. We will not wait for a change in politicians; our people demand an end to the attacks now and legalization! We do not have the luxury of waiting for another administration while families are being torn apart by deportations.

We know that the masses are the real makers of history and by uniting and mobilizing the masses we will change history. We are living in a time of crisis, with wars, recessions and racist attacks and it is during critical times that major changes take place. Lets all be part of making history and join us in Detroit, to build unity and a plan of action on Feb. 22-23, 2008. The conference is organized by the National May 1st Movement for Worker and Immigrant Rights.

Carlos Montes is a veteran fighter in the Chicano Liberation movement, a founder of the Brown Berets and the Chicano Moratorium. He is a leader in the March 25th Coalition and Latinos Against War, both based in East Los Angeles, California. For more information contact:

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