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Iowa Fight For Living Wage

By staff

Iowa City, IA – A powerful living wage campaign is underway in Johnson County. This fall, a measure will be put before the county board that wold require any company getting county money to pay enough for a family to get by on.

The campaign has been endorsed by all the trade unions in Johnson County and has received support from many churches.

“I think it's a crime that we put public money into the pockets of a contractor and then they don't even pay a living wage to their employees,” said Pat Kearns, a steward with American Federation of Government Employees, Local 2547.

Employers have objected to paying a living wage on the grounds that they cannot afford it. If passed, the measure would mandate pay in the $9.00 to $11.00 range.

Responding to the employers claims, Kearns stated, “It might cut into their yachting expenses.”

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