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International Revolutionary Day 2018 marks government murders of IL Black Panther leaders

By Eric Struch

Chicago event marks International Revolutionary Day 2018.

Chicago, IL – International Revolutionary Day convened at noon, at Ground Zero, as it does every year on December 4 here in Chicago. The Black Panther Party Cubs refer to 2337 W. Monroe as Ground Zero and say the Black community's 9/11 occurred here 1969 – with the government assassination of Illinois Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton, Sr. and Peoria Chapter Defense Captain Mark Clark.

Chairman Fred, Sr. represented the left wing of the Panthers – he always talked about the party as being a part of the international proletarian revolution, and he was for class unity; he sought out Puerto Rican and white working class revolutionaries to bloc with.

This year at Ground Zero, Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. of the Black Panther Party Cubs and Comrade Mother Akua Njeri gave a virtual tour of the events of December 4, 1969. Solidarity statements were read from individuals and organizations. Afterwards, Chairman Fred, Jr. and the Cubs led a march from the site to The Wall, a mural of Chairman Fred, Sr. done by the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective at the corner of Madison and California on Chicago's West Side.

Later in the evening, International Revolutionary Day was re-convened at the Fred Hampton Memorial Museum in Maywood, Illinois, Chairman Fred, Sr.'s home. The family of Mark Clark was also in attendance.

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