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Immigrant rights group announces support for anti-Trump march at RNC

By staff

Carlos Montes

Los Angeles, CA – The Legalization for All Network (L4A Network) announced its support today, May 7, for the Dump Trump protest that will take place on the opening day of the Cleveland Republican National Convention, July 18. The Legalization for All Network is national network of immigrant rights organizations that fights against discrimination and advocates legalization for all undocumented people in the U.S.

Carlos Montes, of the Legalization for All Network states, “Dump Trump and his racist attacks must be our call to action! His rhetoric of hate is blaming immigrants, especially Latinos, for the suffering of working people. This suffering is in fact caused by the billionaire class that Trump represents. We say ‘Dump Trump’ and march on the RNC.”

Montes is a veteran leader of the Chicano and immigrant rights movements. He played a prominent role in the 2008 RNC protests in St. Paul and in the 2012 RNC protest in Tampa, Florida.

To view the Facebook event for the protest:

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