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Hundreds rally in Raleigh in solidarity with Gaza

By Kosta Harlan

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Raleigh, NC – Chants of “Free, free Palestine!” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” rang out at the North Carolina Capitol grounds today, July 19, as about 250 people rallied to protest the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza. Many protesters waved Palestinian flags and distributed leaflets to passersby.

So far over 300 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli assault on Gaza. Among the dead are dozens of children.

Speakers at the rally denounced Israel's siege of Gaza and the U.S. support for the occupation. They spoke out in solidarity with the people of Palestine. “I will not apologize for the right to self-defense,” one speaker emphasized as the crowd cheered. “We should never forget we have a right to resist occupation.”

Organizers with the Justice for Rasmea Odeh campaign ( collected petition signatures and distributed information to people at the protest, many of whom were outraged at the government's prosecution and committed to support the campaign as the trial approaches on Sept. 8 (

Raleigh rally in solidarity with Palestine

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