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Hundreds protest Governor Walker in Milwaukee

By staff

SDS at protest against Governor Walker

Milwaukee, WI – About 500 protesters came out with their homemade signs to picket Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's afternoon visit to Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood, Aug. 26. Residents of the neighborhood, joined by unions and community groups such as Peace Action Wisconsin, mobilized within 48 hours. The message was clear that the people in Milwaukee want Walker out!

Gov. Walker was in Milwaukee for a media appearance at a private school. Protesters picketed an entire block. Balconies across from the school hung anti-Walker banners. “Get out of my neighborhood” read one sign. The people had good reason to be so angry. Despite a mass mobilization of people to recall two Wisconsin State Senators, Gov. Walker has still managed to cripple public education, public sector unions, essential social services like Planned Parenthood and is attacking immigrants. Walker's message to the billionaire Koch brothers and big corporations is that Wisconsin is open for business, meaning no more living wages, no more organizations of workers, and no more assistance to the needy.

“We have to build a movement that can stop Walker's agenda,” said Jacob Glicklich, co-president of AFT Local 2169. “We're fighting for unions everywhere.”

Since the passage of Act 10, Gov. Walker's infamous anti-union legislation, AFT Local 2169 will not be able to bargain for benefits and working conditions, will have a cap on their wages, will only be able to collect voluntary dues and have to get over 50% of their members to renew the union's certification every single year. It's a rigged anti-union act, with every non-vote counting against the union.

At one point in the protest, Milwaukee police officers entered the back yard of someone who was hosting protesters. They grabbed one of the protesters and arrested him. Some of the arrest can be seen on Youtube. About a half hour later, the Milwaukee police arrested another person who was organizing solidarity for the first guy arrested. To show solidarity for the two who were arrested, please go to

Alicia and Breshonna Tines were two sisters attending the protest. Breshonna got hold of a megaphone. “People know what exists is coming to an end and it's time for us to fight back!”

Milwaukee protest against Governor Walker

Banner at home of anti-Walker protester

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