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Hundreds of people expected at Occupy Raleigh protest on October 15

By staff

Raleigh, NC – Close to a thousand people are expected to mobilize for a mass rally at the Capitol Building in downtown Raleigh tomorrow, Oct. 15. The [Occupy Raleigh]( general assembly, which in the past several days has seen between 50 and 200 people participating, called for the protest.

Kosta Harlan, an organizer with the Occupy Durham movement said, “Working people did not cause this crisis, but we pay for it every day while the 1% get richer and richer. The 1% tell us there is no money for people's needs – healthcare, education, jobs – yet they find the money for two wars, endless bank bailouts, and tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations. Enough is enough!”

The Occupy Raleigh movement [applied for a permit]( to camp out at the Capitol grounds until November 5, but the permit was denied on Oct. 12 by North Carolina Department of Administration. A spokesperson for the department, Jill Lucas, [cited budget cuts to the State Capitol Police force]( as a primary reason for denying the permit. This sets the stage for the State Capitol police and Raleigh police to attempt to shut down the demonstration when the permit expires at 3 p.m. tomorrow.

Youth organizer Monserrat Alvarez with NC HEAT (Heroes Emerging Among Teens) told *Fight Back!*, “It's important to mobilize for this event because students and workers are some of the people that are greatly affected by the capitalist government. Student's education is put last in the capitalist agenda because they understand that if we receive an education we will break out of this cycle of oppression.”

Alvarez continued, “By cutting funding they guarantee that only high income students receive an education, make it difficult for working class students to receive an education, students graduate with high amounts of debt from raising tuition, and are not able to get a job in this capitalist society.”

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