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Hundreds march on North Carolina State Capitol in protest of Arizona's SB1070

By Kosta Harlan

Protesters against Arizona's SB1070.

Raleigh, NC – About 250 immigrant workers, youth and their allies marched on the State Capitol building here, on July 29, in protest of Arizona's SB1070. Protesters chanted and held colorful signs reading, “Stop deportations,” “No to SB1070” and “No more racism!”

After the march, several community leaders addressed the demonstration to express their solidarity and support in the struggle.

One of the members of the North Carolina DREAM Team, Viridiana Martinez, stressed, “No one can speak for us, we have to speak out for ourselves,” and urged everyone at the demonstration to continue the struggle for justice.

James Andrews, president of the North Carolina AFL-CIO, said, “The North Carolina labor movement supports each of you in the struggle for immigrant rights, human rights and labor rights.” He added, “We will continue to stand with you as long as we see this kind of abuse and exploitation [of your community].”

The protest was organized by North Carolina ICE Watch in partnership with Black Workers for Justice, the Father Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker House, North Carolina DREAM Team, North Carolina Justice Center, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, Pueblo Unido, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Student Action with Farmworkers and other immigrant justice organizations. Other organizations including the Umbrella Coalition, the NAACP, United Electrical Workers Local 150 supported the rally.

Organizers from FLOC at the demonstration

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