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Hundreds gather to stop Cop City, police arrest activists for “domestic terrorism”

By Fight Back

Music festival opposing Cop City.

Atlanta, GA – Hundreds gathered in the Atlanta Forest over the March 5-6 weekend to demand justice for Manny “Tortuguita” Paez, and that the Atlanta forest be saved,and Cop City not be built. The events over the weekend included a two-day music festival and a protest inside the Atlanta Forest. Georgia law enforcement agencies ended the music festival early by arresting and charging 22 attendants with domestic terrorism charges.

The music festival and protest were part of a week of action against the proposed Cop City development. Saturday featured local musical acts such as rapper Zach Fox and hardcore band Symbiote. The music festival continued the next day with a protest in the forest. During the protest individuals allegedly overran a police security outpost and set pieces of police and construction equipment on fire.

In response, multiple Georgia law enforcement agencies raided the music festival and began arresting people indiscriminately. Of the over 30 that were arrested, 22 are currently being charged with state-level domestic terrorism charges.

“The Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR) stands in solidarity with the Cop City protesters against these bogus terrorism charges,” said Tom Burke of the CSFR. “The Atlanta police murdered environmental activist Manny Paez last month and then lied about it. The cops are terrorizing people in Atlanta and then lying every time they open their mouths.”

Activists are not letting the state repression deter them and are continuing to organize to defend the Atlanta Forest and to stop Cop City.

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