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Huge protest in Madison says to Governor Walker: “We reject your budget”

By staff

May 14 protest in Madison slams Governor Walker

Madison, WI – “Governor Scott Walker, we reject your budget!” Ben Manski said to the roar of applause at a huge rally here, May 14. “Time for you to step down!”

The We Are Wisconsin rally at the state capitol drew over 20,000 people as protest activities continue all throughout Wisconsin to counter Governor Scott Walker's war on the poor and working people.

Governor Walker began his assault on organized labor last February when, just days into office, he attempted to rush through an emergency budget repair bill. The emergency budget bill intends to cripple unions with language that would virtually eliminate collective bargaining for most public sector unions in the state. Hundreds of thousands rose up, surrounded and occupied the state capitol. After finally forcing the bill through the assembly and senate weeks later, Gov. Walker still finds his bill tied up in the courts.

The rally was brought together by the We Are Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Wave coalitions. Protesters were there not only to defeat the budget repair bill, but also the proposed budget that intends to cut hundreds of millions from public education, decrease taxes for the rich and increase taxes to the sum of $49 million for the poor.

Another strong message at the rally was the need for support of immigrant rights. Latinos and immigrants to Wisconsin are facing an attack that may look to turn Wisconsin into the next Arizona. A march in Milwaukee on May 1 was the largest May Day rally in the country.

Christian, an undocumented high school student from Milwaukee, representing Youth Empowered in the Struggle, the youth wing of Voces de la Frontera spoke at the rally, “We have been marching with you for months.”

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