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Houston marks Al Quds Day with protest for Palestinian liberation

By staff

Houston, TX – Over 80 protesters gathered at the corner of Westheimer and Post Oak, July 1, to stand in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine. Many were from the local Arab and Middle Eastern community. The protest caught a lot of attention.

Participants chanted “Occupation is a crime, free Palestine!” and “U.S. generosity, Israel’s atrocities!” Several activists gave speeches in defense of Palestine. Reverend Ronnie Lister, a local community organizer, said that the “Palestinian people will triumph over their oppression.” Ian Cox, a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization spoke against the “unjust oppression and occupation of Palestine” and the need for a “single and liberated Palestine.”

After the protest came to an end a small group of the activists went to a dinner being held to honor Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh. At the dinner Odeh’s life as an activist for Palestinian rights along with details of her upcoming appeals trial were discussed.

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