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‘Hello, Family’: In memory of George Martin

By staff

Martin speaks at a 2010 rally against FBI repression.

Milwaukee, WI – The people’s movements mourn the loss of veteran activist George Martin, who passed away on July 16th, 2023. Martin was a well respected leader in local, national, and international anti-war, environmental, and social justice movements who had a great impact on many people over his life-long service to the cause of peace and justice.

In Milwaukee, Martin helped lead Peace Action Wisconsin and its anti-war coalition for many years. Martin and his partner, Julie Enslow, played a leading role in organizing the large upsurge of the movement during the criminal U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Martin mentored many new activists, offering advice and support to nurture a new generation of anti-war activists.

Martin co-led Milwaukee’s Martin Luther King Justice Coalition that has organized an annual MLK Day ceremony and march for over 20 years, honoring King’s vision for radical change.

Martin participated in the coalition to organize the massive march on the RNC in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2008, and helped organize busloads of protesters from Wisconsin.

After 23 Midwest anti-war activists and Freedom Road Socialist Organization members were targeted with FBI raids and Grand Jury subpoenas, Martin participated in the successful defense movement to stop FBI repression against the activists.

In recent years Martin organized primarily in the environmental justice movement, including with

Martin’s death is a heavy loss for the people’s movements, but his innumerable contributions to the cause of peace and justice will live on.

¡George Martin, Presente!

Martin speaking at the 2008 March on the RNC in the Twin Cities.

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