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Hands off Syria! International Day of Protest marked in Chicago

By staff

Chicago protest against U.S. war on Syria

Chicago, IL – 50 people gathered in Chicago’s Federal Plaza Oct. 13 joining thousands rallying around the world in an international day of solidarity with the people of Syria. Syrians stood together with anti-war activists to tell the U.S., “No war on Syria!”

The most popular chant that was “Hands off Syria, no more arms.” The U.S. began sending weapons directly to the pro-Western Syrian rebels in early September. When U.S. missile strikes were stopped by public opinion and the Russian diplomatic deal, President Obama then announced that weapons would begin to flow to the U.S. proxy army.

The rally in Chicago and other states was initiated by the Syrian American Forum, and endorsed by the Anti-War Committee-Chicago, ANSWER Coalition-Chicago, Gay Liberation Network, U.S. Palestinian Community Network-Chicago and March 19 Anti-War Coalition.

Dr. Matar Matar of the Syrian American Forum, explained, “We want to ask the Obama administration to work in the direction of peace, not fueling war. Mr. Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for ending the war in Iraq. By supporting insurgents in Syria he is losing his credibility as a peace achiever.”

Nancy Hammond of the Anti-War Committee-Chicago, also called on the U.S. government to end its war on Syria. “Since Vietnam, the U.S. has not stopped waging wars: on Central America, on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria. It has to end.”

An emotional moment for the Syrians present came when Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Ja'afari, spoke to the rally by telephone.

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