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Greek Unions Call for General Strike!

By All-Workers Militant Front (PAME)

Fight Back News Service is circulating the call from the Greek labor organization, the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME), for a general strike.

Dozens of trade unions, federations, and labor centers already responded to PAME’s call for a General Strike, against the Government’s plans to bring a new Bill on Social Security by the end of January.

The new bill is going to be added to the brutal anti-worker measures that were legislated during the summer. The new bill’s core will abolish completely the social character of Social Security. It confirms all anti-labor measures on social security, which were legislated by the previous liberal and social democratic Governments. In addition to the 11 pension cuts by the previous Governments, and the 2 cuts in pensions imposed by SYRIZA, they plan new cuts to all pensions.

The Syriza bill affects all workers in one stroke. It affects the existing and the future pensioners, as well as the young workers, as it transforms all healthcare and security rights to commodities making healthcare, not a right for all people, but a privilege for the few.

Against these developments, PAME called for the preparation of a General National Strike when the bill is brought forward in the Parliament. Just today, dozens of trade union organizations announced their participation and preparations for the General Strike.

On Friday, January 8, the trade unions are calling for a protest at the Greek Ministry of Labor.

We strengthen the struggle! We organize!

We will not let them destroy our lives!

We strengthen the preparation for a massive Strike!

January 5, 2016, Athens

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