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Greek communists respond to murderous attack by fascist Golden Dawn

By Communist Party of Greece (KKE)

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Communist Party of Greece on the on the Sept. 12 attack by the fascist political party Golden Dawn. Nine members of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Youth of Greece required hospitalization.

Mass response to the fascists’ attack

On Thursday evening the thuggish and murderous attack of the fascists of the Golden Dawn against communists met the resolute response of the people Perama (a working class district in Piraeus) with a big and massive demonstration.

As the KKE denounced, the underhand and murderous attack by the Golden Dawn’s members took place during the night of the 12th September in Perama against members and cadres of the KKE and KNE who were fly posting in order to propagandize the 39th festival of KNEOdigitis. Nine people were injured by the murderous attack and were transported to the hospital, amongst them the President of the Metalworkers’ Trade Union of Piraeus, Sotiris Poulikogiannis, and other members of the Union’s Board.

The way in which the attack unfolded and the tools that were used – they emerged from the surrounding streets with cars and motorcycles and attacked the members of KKE and KNE in an underhand way with iron bars and clubs around which they had attached sharp objects- proving the murderous character of the attack. The members of the Golden Dawn -some of them had their faces covered, others wore helmets or T-shirts of t Golden Dawn- were headed by wellknown fascists and thugs in Perama.

The murderous attack that took place on Thursday proves the Nazi character of the Golden Dawn which permanently targets the KKE because it struggles for the overthrow of the rotten capitalist system that breeds and feeds fascism and Nazism.

The attack on the members of the KKE -amongst them were also cadres of the Metalworkers’ Trade Union of Piraeus and the unions of the ship-repair zone whose activity is a thorn in the side of the employers- proves their role as stooges of the system. The working people, the unemployed, the poor popular strata must decisively condemn and isolate the fascists of the Golden Dawn and their thuggish activity and struggle together with the KKE for the strengthening of the People’s Alliance in the workplaces and the neighborhoods.

Condemnation of the murderous attack

Dozens of trade unions, mass organizations and political parties in Greece have condemned with their statements the murderous attack of the members of Golden Dawn. On Friday 13th of September masses of working people, unemployed, youth, people from the poor popular strata joined together with the KKE and KNE in one of the biggest demonstrations that has taken place in the working class district in recent years.

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