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General Dynamics production halted by Pro-Palestine demonstrators

By Jo Hargis

A Gate labeled "General Dynamics ordnance and tactical systems gate 1" is visible in the background behind a fence with barbed wire on top. In the foreground, a protester wearing a keffiyeh stands on top of a car and chants while holding a sign that says "The Israeli occupation uses BLU-109 bombs built by General Dynamics!"

Garland, TX – On March 7,  a pro-Palestine demonstration at the General Dynamics Ordnance plant in Garland, Texas stopped production for about six hours. General Dynamics produces several classes of bombs currently being used to kill Palestinians.

Some protesters used their cars to block entrances at the plant. Shortly after the protesters' arrival, workers began to arrive at the plant but were unable to enter. An 18-wheeler loaded with bomb parts was forced to wait outside the facility for the duration of the demonstration.

“We’re here protesting because of the profiteering of General Dynamics off the genocide in Gaza. This facility creates so many of the MK-80s and BLU-109 bombs that are used to destroy homes and centers and mosques and churches in Gaza. They commit massacres against Palestinians every day and we’ve seen that happening for the last 150 days,” said Niveen Abdulwahed from Palestinian Youth Movement.

The General Dynamics Ordnance plant is the only facility in the United States that produces the MK-80, and that is the bomb dropped most often on Gaza. This facility also produces the BLU-180, a bunker buster bomb that penetrates through several feet of concrete and underground before exploding. It was a BLU-180 that was dropped on Jabalia refugee camp, utterly destroying an apartment block and killing over 100 people.

Demonstrators chanted ‘‘This factory kills kids! Not one more!” One banner stretching across a street demanded “Stop arming Israel.”

After those blocking the entrances were arrested, the cars blocking the entrances were towed away and impounded.

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