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Gainesville SDS: “Congress vote no on U.S. war in Syria!”

By Robbey Hayes

Cherie Bynum from SDS giving a speech.

Gainesville, FL – Demanding Congress vote no on U.S. military intervention in Syria, 70 protesters gathered in Turlington Plaza at the University of Florida, Sept. 6.

University of Florida Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) organized the protest demanding “Hands off Syria!” Gainesville Vets for Peace, Occupy Gainesville, Freedom Road Socialist Organization and members of University of Florida faculty and other students and community members joined SDS at the protest.

The action comes on the heels of local call-in day telling Gainesville House of Representative members Corrine Brown (D) and Ted Yoho ® to oppose military intervention in Syria and to “Vote no.” Congress is debating President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry’s calls for war, while U.S. ships sail to the region and prepare for attacks to start the war.

In his speech, Conor Munro, a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, said, “This war has nothing to do with chemical weapons or democracy. This is an imperialist war. This is a war of exploitation and control of the region’s oil. This is a war of domination.”

University of Florida SDS and its allies will continue to speak out and organize against the Obama administration’s hypocrisy in another U.S. military foray into the Middle East. SDS and its allies will continue to push their message, “Hands off Syria!”

Conor Munro, organizer of SDS, giving a speech.

Crowds Gather in Turlington Plaza for speeches.

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