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FRSO joins march on Washington DC for free Palestine

By staff

A national mobilization in support of Palestine is set for November 4. | Fight Back! News/staff

Washington DC – On Saturday, November 4 at 2 p.m., members of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) from around the country will attend the National March on Washington to Free Palestine. Comrades will stand with Palestine alongside hundreds of thousands from all walks of life. They are demanding an immediate end to U.S. aid to Israel and an end to the siege on Gaza.

FRSO joins with the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, Palestinian Youth Movement, and many other Palestinian and Arab American and anti-war organizations at Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. There will be a massive rally and then a march.

“We invite people coming to the march to join with the FRSO contingent this Saturday. It promises to be a turning point in the Palestine solidarity movement as we oppose President Biden and the warmakers in Congress,” said Maria Sohn Hasman of FRSO.

FRSO member Andrew Josefchak, traveling with the Minnesota Anti-War Committee, states, “The Minnesota Anti-War Committee has a full bus of 55 people going to the D.C. protest. We could have filled three buses if we had more time. Minnesotans really want to go to D.C. to yell at the White House in person. We want to demand an end to U.S. support for Israel’s ethnic cleansing.”

The U.S. routinely gives $3.8 billion a year to Israel and President Biden has promised another $14 billion for the Israeli apartheid regime that has killed over 8000 Palestinians since October 7. Many progressive Democrats are feeling isolated as their base turns out in historic numbers to protest their voting to fund war and genocide against Palestinians. The U.S.-funded occupation forces have dropped bomb after bomb on homes, hospitals and schools, and the masses are rising up to demand an end to these atrocities.

A recent FRSO statement on the Palestine national liberation struggle reads:

“The Palestinian resistance is dealing a heavy blow to the Israeli apartheid state. The decades of oppression, humiliation and callous cruelty by the occupiers of Palestine are being answered in the only language oppressors truly understand.

“Operation Al Aqsa Flood, the coordinated military response of the resistance, has changed the calculus of one-sided wars. In the past, Palestinian protesters marched from Gaza to exercise their right to return to their homes. Zionist snipers laughed as they killed and maimed the kids and elders. That day is over. Forever. The Palestinian resistance has arrived with bulldozers to remove the barbed wire and have used motorized hang gliders to cross the separation barrier. This is a good turn of events, and everyone who yearns for justice needs to stand with the Palestinian resistance. It’s the right thing to do.”

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