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FRSO greets March 12 Madison protest

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Freedom Road Socialist Organization salutes the workers, students and community participants in the March 12 protest in Madison, Wisconsin. Everyone filling the streets around the state capitol is sending a clear message to the rich and powerful – we will not sit back in silence while our right to collectively bargain is taken away. The moment has arrived to stand up and do whatever it takes to defend our unions, our standard of living, and our future.

Governor Scott Walker has lifted a rock only to drop it on his own feet. He thought he could get away with anything. Instead he finds that the people of Wisconsin have rejected his union-busting plans.

In Ohio, Indiana, Alaska, New Jersey, Florida and other states, reactionary politicians are taking the road of Scott Walker and trying to limit the rights of unions. They are doing this in service of their corporate masters who are trying to enrich the few at the expense of the many. This adds to the importance of the battle in Wisconsin. Workers across the United States are drawing inspiration from the upsurge of struggle in Madison.

On the streets of Madison today, a new chapter in history of the U.S. labor movement is being written. The strength of the working class and its allies stand out in sharp relief. The battle is far from over. In the weeks and months ahead the fight to regain the rights of pubic workers will continue, and will grow. In the long run victory is certain.

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