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Free Alex Saab! Join webinar conversation with Camila Saab Feb. 3

By Jim Byrne

Tucson, AZ – Camila Saab, the wife of Alex Saab, a Venezuelan diplomat illegally detained by the U.S., will speak on a webinar organized by the Alliance for Global Justice on February 3 at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time. There will be an update on his case and opportunities to participate in actions to demand his freedom.

Free Alex Saab! A Conversation with Camila Saab, wife of Venezuelan diplomat kidnapped by Biden Administration

Saab has played an important role in allowing Venezuela to bypass economic sanctions imposed by the U.S., which is attempting to destabilize the Maduro government. Saab’s business acumen and clever tactics are part what allows Venezuela to obtain chemicals and minerals needed for material inputs, equipment and replacement parts for a productive and growing economy. The Venezuelan economy is set to grow rapidly this year after two troublesome years caused by U.S. sanctions and the COVID pandemic.

Despite intimidating U.S. Navy patrols, ships from Iran with much needed oil-refining chemicals and machine parts are arriving at Venezuelan ports. Oil production is back online and reached historic highs in December. Many economists are predicting stabilization, and new growth of over 7% for Venezuela in 2022.

The AFGJ Webinar is co-sponsored by over two dozen groups including United Anti War Committee (UNAC), the Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR) and the Solidarity Committee of the Americas of Women Against Military Madness.

Tom Burke, speaking for the CSFR said, “We denounce this sham trial of Alex Saab as an outrageous act of aggression against the sovereign Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This U.S. kidnapping of a Venezuelan diplomat shows the U.S. empire’s efforts to harass and sanction Venezuela knows no bounds. We will expose these court proceedings to the world.”

Activists in Florida are rallying outside the Miami courthouse during Alex Saab’s next hearing on February 16. Help send a message to the Biden administration: “Free Alex Saab!”

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