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Florida: Charges against Diamonds Ford dropped

By staff

Jacksonville, FL – Charges against Diamonds Ford, a woman who was accused of shooting a law enforcement officer in 2020, have been dropped.

After Diamonds' arrest, local organizers launched the “Justice for Diamonds Ford” campaign, which included rallies, cultural events and weekly call-ins to demand the state attorney drop the charges.

“I’m very just grateful,” Ford said during a Wednesday, November 8 evening news conference. “It’s been hell. It’s been very hard trying to keep everything afloat knowing that I couldn’t work as a pharmacy technician due to my charges. I’ve experienced constantly looking for jobs and they constantly denied me because of my background because of these charges.”

The state attorney dropped the charges after two of the arresting officers were found to be involved in a drug ring. Allegedly, the two officers were stealing drugs, and giving them to informants to sell. Those officers are now facing a slew of charges and are facing up to 40 years in prison, if convicted.

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