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On first anniversary of Israel’s attack on Gaza, PFLP vows resistance until liberation

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

On first anniversary of Gaza attack, PFLP pledges to continue resistance until liberation

Today, we face the first anniversary of the racist, genocidal war waged by the fascist enemy against the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip, on top of eight lean years of siege and starvation, assuming that those years had exhausted Gaza and forced her people to their knees. The people delivered a frank and compelling answer, that the people of Palestine – in Gaza and everywhere else they are – are unbreakable, resisting and strong.

One year after the assault, the Zionist enemy has failed to achieve any of its direct objectives and so is attempting to maneuver through its allies and agents in the world to achieve indirect objectives, lest its loss in this war be total. We have begun to hear talk of international attempts to impose a long-term truce in Gaza in exchange for “improving the conditions of life,” lifting the blockade, or some other minor reform. The enemy wants to destroy the national liberation character of the Palestinian struggle and instead put the national and human rights of our people up for trade in the market, neutralize the Palestinian people of Gaza and their resistance, attempt to isolate Gaza from the rest of Palestine, and otherwise engage in plans and goals that attempt to eliminate our national liberation struggle.

Therefore, we emphasize today before our people and the thousands of martyrs they have given, who confronted this genocidal effort and prevented it from achieving its goals, that we will confront each one of these “solutions” and projects that attempt to undermine our rights and goals. There is no truce with the Zionist enemy until the liberation of Palestine; we will not barter our weapons for humanitarian needs or our basic rights; we strongly uphold and adhere to our right to defend ourselves, to armed struggle, and to continue to fight until the occupier leaves our land and the blockade is lifted and we have achieved the rest of our human needs and rights. We are in the resistance!

To the masses of our people, beacons of strength who confront the aggressor and its army. We know that the blockade and siege has been lengthy and painful, and we know also that you have consistently upheld the duty of resistance. We must prioritize the strengthening of the steadfastness of our people, providing you with all that is necessary to continue the confrontation. It is our duty in the resistance factions, as is the duty of all Palestinian forces, so we emphasize what is required now before the valor of the Palestinian masses and the depth of their wounds is to build a national and unified body of political and military forces to provide:

First, all that can be done to support the steadfastness of the masses. Second, to form a unified national resistance front to unify our political, social and military efforts, to support the steadfastness of our people and continue the struggle against the fascist enemy in the aftermath of the attack. In the coming days, we have great certainty that the resistance will inevitably be victorious and will continue to confront and strike severe blows against the Zionist enemy, and continue to promote popular steadfastness and internal development.

Today, we promise to continue the struggle. Revolution, and revolution, and revolution until the end of the injustice. To the prisoners of freedom and their families, to Abu Ghassan, Ahmad Sa’adat, our leader, we pledge that it will not be a long wait, comrade, we are coming to you. Your honesty and principles are rooted deeply in us, and our pledge to you and to the people, is that we will not leave the resistance until liberation or death.

Salutes to the resistance, to our struggling people in Gaza, to the entire Palestinian people, to the resistance fighters in the West Bank, Jerusalem, in occupied Palestine ’48, to the rising popular resistance. Freedom for all of our Palestinian prisoners. Glory to the martyrs and to the Palestinian people. We salute and pledge to continue on the path of the martyr, writer Ghassan Kanafani on the 43rd anniversary of his assassination.

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