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Fire killer NYPD cops!

By Briony Smith

New York demands justice for Caesar Robinson

NYC protest against police crimes.

NYC, NY – Just over two months after 78-year-old Caesar Robinson was murdered in his Brooklyn home by the NYPD, activists led by New York Community Action Project (NYCAP) rallied in front of the 81st Police Precinct to demand justice. Activists called for the NYPD to release the body camera footage as well as the names of the officers who shot and killed Robinson in his own apartment.

On April 13, Caesar Robinson’s nephew reported a burglary in progress at his elderly uncle’s Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment. When officers from the 81st Precinct responded, Robinson opened the door to his apartment and the NYPD shot him six times. Despite NYPD claims that the body camera footage proves that Robinson had a gun, the police have yet to release any video to the public or to name the officers involved.

The rally began with Sharif Hall, a member of NYCAP, leading the crowd with a chant, “Justice for Caesar!” and reiterating NYCAP’s demands. The cops immediately attempted to stop the rally with bogus claims of a noise complaint, but Shivani Ishwar, also from NYCAP, made it clear that the activists would not be silenced, saying, “We’re here to remind the 81st Precinct: We haven’t forgotten about Caesar Robinson. And we won’t let you forget about him, either.”

Also present at the rally was Sheina Banatte, cousin of Eudes Pierre, and a key organizer in the campaign for Justice for Eudes Pierre. Pierre was killed by the NYPD in Crown Heights in 2021, after he himself called the police while in the midst of an apparent mental health crisis. In a powerful and heart-wrenching speech, Banatte said, “Eudes called 911. They sent the police and now he’s dead. According to reports, Caesar Robinson’s friend called the police, and now he’s dead. It doesn’t take a degree or status to sense the pattern. This is a tragedy. The police are causing so much hurt, as we’re trying to desperately heal. Give us justice, like any other citizen.”

The 81st Precinct is home to nearly 100 police officers with allegations of misconduct on their records – and over three-quarters of those officers have more than one complaint against them. NYCAP highlighted how this pattern of negligence and abuse without consequences emboldens the police to harm the community. In addition to reiterating their demand to release the names of the cops who killed Robinson, NYCAP also demanded that the NYPD fire killer cops, as well as all cops with more than three substantiated complaints on their records.

Finally, the rally concluded with Sharif Hall describing NYCAP’s long term campaign for community control of police in New York City as the crowd chanted, “NYPD kills on patrol! How do we stop them? Community control!”

NYCAP will continue to demand justice for Caesar Robinson, the names of the officers, and the release of the body camera footage as part of their broader campaign to fire killer cops. On July 1, NYCAP will also be holding a know-your-rights training at a Bed-Stuy community center, Somewhere Good, to help community members learn how to protect themselves from the NYPD.

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