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Chicago, IL – Using the tag line, “Going to the Heart of the People’s Struggle,” our podcast has quickly spread across the country. Fight Back! Radio host Richard Berg noted, “We do interviews with the real leaders of the people’s struggles. We go past the bourgeois think tanks by talking to activists that are organizing workers, oppressed nationality peoples, students and other fighters.”

Since hitting the airwaves on May Day 2022, Fight Back! Radio has captured the imagination of revolutionaries and activists everywhere. In a very short time, the podcast has reached 10,000 downloads by interviewing the most successful mass leaders. The podcast has interviewed, for example, Frank Chapman, executive director of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, and Greg Kelley, president of the 90,000-member Service Employees International Union Healthcare Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas.

“I’m lucky,” Berg said, “I get to sit and chat with people that are leading movements to change the world. When I was interviewing American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3800 President Cherrene Horazuk, she broke down in specifics how to fight sexism. She talked about a program for working-class women. You don’t get that on CNN. It’s inspiring and exciting.”

On Sunday September 18, we will release an interview with Carlos Montes. An iconic leader of the Chicano National Movement, Montes was a founder, spokesperson and minister of information for the Brown Berets. He was also a key leader of the 1968 Los Angeles High School walkouts, the Chicano Moratorium against the Viet Nam War, the mega-marches from 2006 and continues today as a leader of Centro Community Service Organization in Los Angeles.

Joining Montes to give a response is Angel Naranjo, a high school senior and leader of Chicago’s Little Village Lawndale High School Fight Back! organization. Angel and their fellow students across Chicago walked out of class last year when Chicago Public Schools tried to force students into unsafe schools amidst a pandemic.

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