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Fight Back! launches new website, logo

By Fight Back! Editors

Fight Back! is excited to announce the launching of a new website, along with a new logo. It features improved security, a streamlined interface, modern search and tag functionality, and a much improved mobile experience. The entire archive of Fight Back! articles is still available through our new site.

Fight Back! exists to build the people's struggle. We provide coverage and analysis of some of the key battles facing working and oppressed people that you won't see in the billionaire-owned corporate media. In 2022, Fight Back! published over 1,000 articles, averaging three per day, covering the movement against police crimes, worker organizing, immigrant rights, the fight against right-wing anti-LGBTQ attacks, and much more.

This past year, Fight Back! brought you in-depth coverage the victorious UPS Teamsters contract struggle. We published exclusive coverage on the Tampa 5, campus activists facing 10-plus years for protesting DeSantis’ attacks on higher education; and Chicano organizing in Los Angeles; and many other vibrant struggles. Fight Back! brought you revolutionary theory on topics ranging from the Marxist-Leninist approach to organizing through the mass line, to Marxist critiques of postmodernism and conspiracy theories.

Fight Back! writers and staff are activists and organizers – in the trade unions, oppressed nationality movements, on the campuses, and in other people's movements. We are not “neutral” or “even-handed” in our coverage. We are opposed to exploitation, discrimination, and oppression. We hold that the rich class of people who run the economy and government of this country are unfit to rule. We support all movements that challenge their power and privilege.

Our new site will help us to better fulfill our purpose of building the people's struggle. The future is bright!