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FBI harassing North Carolina activists

By Tom Burke

Asheville, NC – The FBI is harassing anti-war and international solidarity activists in North Carolina again, this time in Asheville. The last time was on Sept. 24, 2010 when the FBI visited a Durham anti-war activist at the same time they were raiding seven homes and the Anti-War Committee office in Minneapolis and Chicago. Back on that day the FBI delivered 14 subpoenas to a grand jury in Chicago, which all the activists refused to participate in.

This time the FBI knocked at an activist’s door in Asheville at 5:00 p.m. on May 30. Her boyfriend answered. He woke her up to tell her the FBI wanted to talk with her. The FBI agent asked to enter her home and she said, “No you cannot come in.”

The FBI agent had a number of print outs of Fight Back! news articles. The top one in the pile was Colombia: Eyewitness Report from Solidarity Delegation, from September 2009.

The FBI agent talked about the Democratic National Convention coming soon to Charlotte. The agent also talked about the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – the most powerful left-wing rebel movement in Latin America – saying, “the FARC is getting a lot of press right now in Colombia.” He asked for a promise that she would let him know if something violent was going to happen. He gave her his card.

The FBI agent then asked about solidarity activists mentioned in the Fight Back! article. The agent also mentioned Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

“Do not let the FBI in your home. They are there to intimidate you,” said Jeremy Miller, a North Carolinian who has been told that the FBI wanted to ‘talk to him.’ “In this case they pretended to be concerned about the upcoming DNC protests, but they are really trying to gather information to put anti-war activists on trial, claiming ‘material support for terrorism’. They are lying to you. Their presence is intimidating and scary, but the best thing is to give them your lawyer’s phone number and not talk to them.”

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