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Family protests killing of Erick Aguirre by Rialto police department

By staff

Protest demands justice for Isaiah Tucker who was killed by Oshkosh cops.

Los Angeles, CA – On August 2, family and friends held a loud protest over the July 14 killing of Erick Aguirre by the Rialto Police Department (RPD). The 50-person protest included a picket line in front of the RPD, posters and a large banner with Aguirre’s image. The protest got wide coverage by local media and received support from passing cars with waves and horns honking.

The family says the shooting and killing of Erick Aguirre was unjustified. He was followed and stopped by the Rialto PD. Aguirre’s friend, Samantha Goode, who was also in the car, was attacked by a police dog and had her leg mauled. She was not arrested and as the only witness stated that the police had no reason to shoot and kill Aguirre.

Goode stated that as they stopped the car, Aguirre kept both his hands on the steering wheel and that the police where never in danger and not threatened. The police later recovered a gun in the car and are falsely saying they were threatened.

Odila, Erick Aguirre’s mother, thanked the protesters and said she will fight to stop police killings, so other mothers would not have to go through this.

A family cousin asked Centro CSO to help the family with advice and support. Carlos Montes, a lead Centro CSO member and organizer, met with the family and, with the urging of the grandmother, the family decided to hold a protest and fight for justice. Centro CSO helped the family organize the protest, contact media and get legal support for Erick’s family.

Erick Aguirre was born in Los Angeles was a resident of Bloomington community in Sam Bernardino and attended local schools. He was 25 years old and had recovered from cancer after losing his right foot. Bloomington is a working-class, primarily Chicano community that lacks basic government services and has a history of police abuse by the San Bernardino sheriffs.

Aguirre was well known and well liked by his community and family and leaves behind loving family. His younger brother, Nicolas Aguirre, spoke at rally and said the family will continue fighting for justice in memory of his brother.

The family is demanding justice, an independent investigation and an end to police killings of Chicano young men in the San Bernardino part of Southern California known as the Inland Empire. For information on future activities, contact Centro CSO by emailing [email protected].

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