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Family of Chicano elder murdered by East LA Sheriffs demands justice

By Luis Sifuentes

Grandchildren of Miguel Lopez chanting at deputy recognized to be responsible fo

Los Angeles, CA – On March 11, about 30 people gathered in front of the East LA Sheriff’s Station to protest the recent murder of Miguel Angel Lopez, a 70-year-old Chicano man, during an early morning raid in his Maywood home while his wife, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were present.

On January 26 at 5:45 a.m., two LA Sheriff deputies from East LA station murdered Miguel Lopez, shooting him seven times while conducting a search warrant; claiming he had a gun in his hand. Miguel’s wife Luz Lopez was getting ready for work when the two deputies were at their home and thought they were burglars. The deputies detained Luz and did not allow her to warn Lopez, nor did they attempt to de-escalate the situation as Luz pleaded with deputies to talk to Lopez, and calm him down.

Led primarily by his grandchildren, Rosangela, Jacob, Rochael Lopez, and Centro CSO leading chants, the action was joined by the families of Anthony Vargas, Ernie Serrano and David Ordaz Jr., who were also killed by deputies; along with allies such as the Brown Berets. “My grandpa was a jokester and loved to laugh and make others laugh too, even if it meant the rough tickles that he would attack his grandkids with,” said Xicana Lopez “He loved spoiling his grandchildren. He was a family man, a gentleman and a protector.”

After some speeches, everyone walked towards the station where barricades were set up and started chanting, “What do we want justice? Justice! When do we want it? Now!” “Say his name! Miguel Lopez!” “Release the body cams,” and “We want Justice, bring Deputy Perez out.” After crossing the barricades, the deputies advanced towards the aunts of Anthony Vargas with their squad cars then everyone else followed.

Jacob Lopez recognized one of the deputies from the day Lopez was murdered standing outside and got on the mic, “You signed a warrant and gave us a death sentence,” he said “I recognize one of you, and I remember you bragging how you emptied your clip into my grandpa! You could’ve killed my two-year-old niece! She was right behind my grandpa when you shot him!”

After an hour of chants, everyone went back to the canopy for more speeches from impacted families and held a balloon release in Lopez’s name.

The family is demanding Justice for Miguel Lopez that includes accountability and prosecution of the killer deputies involved in his murder. A GoFundMe was set up for arrangements and to help memorialize Lopez:

#LosAngelesCA #PoliceBrutality #StopPoliceCrimes