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Family and friends rally for D'Angelo

By Richard Blake

D'Angelo supporters rally in front of the courthouse demanding answers

Jacksonville, FL – Over a dozen protestors gathered outside the Duval County Courthouse on June 8 to demand Justice for D'Angelo Stallworth. This was the latest action in a series of protests, vigils and rallies since Stallworth was murdered near his home by two deputies of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) on May 12. Stallworth was a supervisor at the Jacksonville UPS hub and left behind three children.

Since the murder, an independent autopsy has refuted the story that the two JSO deputies initially provided. The initial story described officers fearing for their life, but it was later revealed that Stallworth was unarmed and shot in the back up to 40 feet away as he tried to escape.

Protesters carries signs reading “Justice for D'Angelo” while several people handed out hundreds of fliers to those walking to or from the courthouse.

Latrelle Johnson, D'Angelo's girlfriend and mother to one of his children led the spirited rally through most of the day with chants of “Justice for D,” “Hey hey, ho ho, these killer cops have got to go,” “Same thing every time, being Black is not a crime,” and “JSO lied!” She also said, “We're out here for justice for the life of D'Angelo Stallworth. We're just looking for answers. We want the truth. D'Angelo was 40 feet away and shot in the back multiple times. Today we're going to march and fight for what's right.”

The decision to indict the officers rests with State Attorney Angela Corey. Corey is notorious for her over-prosecution of Black youth and her support for ‘tough-on-crime’ police tactics. She has also recently announced her bid for a third term as state attorney in the upcoming election.

Organizers vow to continue the fight with more marches and protests. There is a Justice for D'Angelo Block Party this Saturday, June 13, at Wesconnett Park at 1:00 p.m.

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