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Family and community protests at East LA Sheriff’s station demanding “Justice for Anthony Vargas”

By Carlos Montes

LA protest demands justice for Anthony Vargas.

Los Angeles, CA – A protest shook the East LA Sheriff's Department station, Sept. 8. Lisa Vargas, the mother of Anthony Vargas, who was murdered by LA sheriffs, told the crowd “We’re here today for Anthony but we also know there are others who lose loved ones and don’t come out to speak. For whatever reason, but we’re for them also. We believe that my son was innocent. And we believe that he did not deserve this.”

21-year-old Anthony Vargas was shot 14 times – twice in the head – and killed by the East LA sheriffs on August 13. LA sheriffs were called to apprehend a suspect in a robbery. But now the sheriffs say Vargas may have been a mistaken suspect.

The Vargas family, Centro CSO members and members of the community held a large picket line on the sidewalk in front of ELA Sheriff’s Station, followed by a march to the entrance of the building. There, an angry rally demanded justice for Anthony Vargas, the release of the names of the killer cops, and for the cops to be prosecuted and jailed.

Anthony Vargas’ twin brother, Dre Vargas, spoke about the loss. “He was a good person, that’s why you see a lot of people here today. My brother should not have gone the way that he did. We’re gonna keep fighting for him, justice for my brother Anthony Vargas.”

Vargas was an enthusiastic fisherman, attended Garfield High School, taught bible classes and was well-liked. Vargas’ friends from the Maravilla Projects attended in support of the Vargas family.

Vargas’ lawyer Humberto Guizar spoke, “If I have to fight on the streets with all of you to win justice, I will do that. And I will also take it the courts, and fight for justice there. I will not stop until we all win justice for Anthony Vargas.”

Reading a powerful account on the loss of her older brother, Vargas’ younger sister Melanie Luna said, “Me and my family waited hours behind lines of yellow tape, before we were finally allowed to see his body on the grass. 14 shots including wounds to his head. They took him from us.”

Vargas’ brother Geo Vargas spoke about his dismay, “LA sheriffs murdered my baby brother Anthony. They said he was involved in things that he wasn't. Why was his life taken away?”

Centro CSO is working with the Vargas family and uniting with other families in Boyle Heights and East LA who are also victims of Los Angeles Police Department and Sherriff’s Department killings. Centro CSO supports all families and communities in demanding that Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey prosecute police in the killing of Chicanos, Blacks and Latinos.

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