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Ethiopian community rallies in Dallas against U.S. intervention

By staff

Akwete Tyehimba, proprietor of the Pan African Connection bookstore

Dallas, TX – Hundreds of members of Dallas's large Ethiopian community rallied outside Dallas City Hall on November 21 against U.S. intervention in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The protest was associated with the nationwide #NoMore movement and was called by community members, though the rally was also attended by members of the All African People's Revolutionary Party and the Dallas Anti-War Committee.

A community spokeswoman talked about the sanctions and diplomatic moves that the Biden administration has taken against Ethiopia in recent weeks, stating, “The Biden administration actions are a pretext to get military intervention in the form of a peace mission to ultimately overthrow a democratically elected Ethiopian government and restore the TPLF back to power.”

All African People's Revolutionary Party member Bandele Johnson read off a list of people killed by the Tigreyan People's Liberation Front in recent months, pausing after each name for the crowd to yell “no more.”

Jo Hargis, from the Dallas Anti-War Committee, urged the community to get organized, to realize their own power, and to continue the fight. “I want to talk about seeing the same lies about Ethiopia that we have seen time and time again used to manufacture consent, used to get people to agree to wars that are against human beings, that are against people, and that only serve the wealthy, only serve the rich and the people in power, especially in the United States,” they said.

Daniel Sullivan from the Dallas Anti-War Committee explained the committee's position on the conflict: “As some of the speakers at this rally have said, African problems need African solutions. The current civil war in Ethiopia is a tragedy for the Ethiopian people. But the role of the United States in these conflicts is almost always to pour oil on the fire. Only Ethiopians can settle this and find a peaceful path for their country, and the U.S. must stay out.”

Among the chants at the rally was one that recalled Bob Marley: “One Africa, one nation, one love.”

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