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Environmental activists come out to protest Line 3 oil pipeline

By Tracy Molm

Protest at Governor's mansion against Line 3.

St. Paul, MN – Over 500 protesters picketed outside Minnesota Governor Tim Walz mansion, November 14, to protest his decision to grant permits to allow Enbridge to build Line 3, a pipeline that would carry nearly a million barrels of tar sands a day from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin through Minnesota. The event was organized by MN 350, and included other groups that have organized against Line 3.

The Climate Justice Committee (CJC) joined to protest Walz’s decision. Katherine Gould, a CJC member explained, “We demand the people of Minnesota and Native people have a say in Line 3, not corporations that will pollute our lands.” The emcees started the program straight to the point, “Walz approving the largest tar sands infrastructure is fucked up.”

Protesters chanted, “Ho ho, hey hey! No tar sands today” and “Climate justice now.”

Climate Justice Committee members also handed out flyers for their new campaign to tell Biden to roll back Trump’s executive orders that would speed global warming.

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