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End the blockade of Cuba message goes to the Minnesota State Fair

By Sarah Martin

Protest demand end to U.S. blockade on Cuba.

Falcon Heights, MN – Instead of the regular Cuba car caravan on Sunday, August 27, twelve Cuban Solidarity activists bannered and held signs at the Minnesota State Fair to call for an end to the 60-year U.S. blockade of Cuba – made even more brutal by U.S.’s incomprehensible designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. Standing at the main gate of the “Great Minnesota get together,” the activists got a chance to talk to many people about Cuba and share information. They gave out stickers about ending the blockade as well as Cuba’s recently passed extremely progressive family code which ensures the rights of the LGBT community.

The event was organized by the Women Against Military Madness Solidarity Committee on the Americas and co-sponsored by the MN Cuba Committee.

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