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Downtown NOLA Starbucks workers win union election

By staff

Starbucks workers celebrate after winning election.

New Orleans, LA – On May 22, workers at Starbucks on Poydras Street won their union election in an 11 to 5 vote. This is the second Starbucks to unionize in the state of Louisiana and the first with a majority-Black workplace. Baristas complain of unpredictable schedules, insufficient hours, lack of seniority-based promotions, and unsafe working conditions. On Mardi Gras day, a customer reached across the bar to punch a barista. Corporate only approved that customer’s ban after the union drive began, months later.

“We’re already winning safety protections just by unionizing. We got bumped to the priority store for facilities renovations. Now it’s about winning a strong contract,” said Serena Sojic-Borne, a shift supervisor of almost three years.

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