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Detroit holds rally in solidarity with DC anti-war demonstration

By Jacob Smith

Detroit protest against U.S. intervention in the Ukraine.

Detroit, MI – In the early afternoon of March 18, braving the sub-freezing temperatures and biting wind, 40 activists gathered at Hart Plaza, in the heart of Detroit, to demonstrate against the U.S. escalation of its war against Russia in the Ukraine. The rally was in solidarity with the historic DC march occurring at the same date.

Several speakers tied the brutal U.S. invasion of Iraq, which began on this day 20 years ago, to the U.S. war in Ukraine, noting the chilling parallels between the two.

Movement elder Bill Meyer, representing the Michigan Peace Council, added his perspective to the event, saying “I have been in this fight for 60 years, first with Vietnam, through endless U.S. wars, and now with Ukraine. I am at this point convinced that U.S. imperialism and war is the greatest threat to humanity today.”

The protest continued for an hour after speakers had finished, with demonstrators huddled close together, making new connections with each other, standing along busy Jefferson Avenue with signs and banners with many signs of support from those passing by.

The rally was cosponsored by several groups, including Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Communist Party USA, and Moratorium Now! Coalition.

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