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Delphi Cancels UAW Local 292 Elections

By staff

Kokomo, IN – “It is clear to us, the rank and file at Delphi, that management and union cooperation is over,” states Todd Jordan, an autoworker at the Delphi plant here. Company officials canceled the March 2 special elections that were to replace retiring union officials, announcing they will be redistrict the committeemen and zones in the plant.

“They plan to cut our elected officials down to half of what we have now by eliminating half our union offices. Despite agreeing with the UAW last year to wait until contract time, they did this today, one day before the election. They did this despite the people who took days off to campaign and who spent hundreds of dollars on their campaign flyers, buttons and pens et cetera,” said Jordan.

In the face of this attempt to disrupt the union, Jordan adds Kokomo autoworkers will continue to fight, “From elections to product lines, management is sabotaging our work here in Kokomo. The membership of UAW Local 292 will not continue to accept these actions.”

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