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Defend The Tulane 5

By staff

Mina Mahfouz of the Tulane 5. | Fight Back! News/staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement by the Tulane 5 Defense Campaign.

The Tulane 5 are five courageous students and community members residing in New Orleans who face unfounded criminal charges. Zionists and Tulane University are pursuing them for protesting in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation. The Tulane 5's only crime is opposing Israel’s genocide of Gaza.

Tulane police and the NOPD targeted and followed these five defendants in their schools, on the streets, and in their homes.

Abraham Quraan, a Palestinian business owner and father, is being charged with simple battery. Zionist cowards are harassing and even doxxing Abraham’s kids, as Israel massacres children in Palestine.

Amina Mahfouz, a Black Sudanese Loyola student and member of Students for a Democratic Society, is facing a simple battery charge.

A Jewish community member is being charged with simple battery.

A Black Tulane student is facing graffiti and hate crime charges.

Another Palestinian is facing felony hate crime charges. This is unheard of for a protester standing up against apartheid.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel Miller, a white Tulane student who charged at Abraham’s son at the protest and stole his property, faces no charges. That day, the crowd of Zionists shouted at the pro- Palestine protesters, “go to Gaza and get bombed” and “terrorists!” Tulane dares to accuse the pro-Palestine protesters of hate crime. The hate crime here is Tulane singling out the diverse pro-Palestinian protesters.

These charges represent the repression of community members and students' exercise of their First Amendment right to protest in public spaces, the repression of certain national groups, the repressions of slogans calling for the national liberation and the right to self-determination of an oppressed nation such as “From the River to the Sea,” the repression for calls to an end to an ongoing genocide, the repression for calls to an end to local institutional, corporate, and governmental aid to the repressive and genocidal apartheid government and army of Israel, and the repression of any speech that does not align with the financial and political interests of institutions in New Orleans such as Tulane University and the NOPD.

These charges also showcase Tulane’s blatant fear-mongering tactics. The local Palestinian community, Arab-American community, Jewish community, students, and other community members in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle should not be discouraged from, nor should they be reprimanded for, exercising their right to protest the ongoing repressions and genocide perpetrated by the State of Israel.

The Tulane 5 did nothing wrong, only love the Palestinian people.

Protesting is a right!

Zionism is the crime!

Refuse the charges!

Free Palestine!

#NewOrleansLA #InjusticeSystem #PoliticalRepression #Tulane5 #Palestine