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Dallas rally protests US, NATO aggression against Russia

By staff

Texas protest against a U.S. war on Russia.

Dallas, TX – On February 5, a crowd gathered at the Grassy Knoll in downtown Dallas to protest threats of war by the United States and NATO against Russia. The protest was organized by the Dallas Anti-War Committee, CODEPINK Greater Dallas, Dallas Peace and Justice Center, Party for Socialism and Liberation Dallas-Fort Worth, and Veterans for Peace North Texas. The rally was a part of a national day of action in which over 50 cities participated.

The protest called for total withdrawal of U.S. troops from Europe, an end to weapons sales to the reactionary government of Ukraine, and for the disbandment of NATO.

Cassandra Swart of the Dallas Anti-War Committee gave a speech criticizing the expansion of NATO to Eastern Europe as blatant aggression against Russia.

Swart condemned the U.S. support to Ukraine through arms shipments and sending American troops, and demanded an end to U.S. military presence in Europe. “The U.S. sent weapons to the Ukrainian military to commit massacres against Russians, Roma, Jews, trade unionists, and LGBT rights activists,” stated Swart, “We must say no to NATO's aggression against Russia and call for a withdrawal of all American troops in Europe!”

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