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Dallas Alliance marches again for Black lives

By staff

Dallas protest against police crimes.

Dallas, TX – On September 19, the Dallas Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, together with a number of other groups, held a march for Black lives. The group met at a downtown Dallas park before marching to city hall. According to the group's social media, a main demand of the march was that the Dallas City Council, which is now finalizing the budget, “redirect a significant portion of the police budget to community needs.”

Before the march, the group held a rally in the park. One speaker was DAARPR chair Sydney Loving, who condemned the recent arrests of Black Lives Matter protesters in Colorado. Other speakers included DAARPR co-chair Jennifer Miller, DAARPR organizer Kawana Scott, Black Youth Project 100 organizer Gabrielle Morris and Olinka Green from the Poor People's Campaign.

Kawana Scott discussed Erin Nealey Cox, an assistant U.S. attorney in Dallas who has been named by Trump as one of the leaders of the Department of Justice's so-called ‘antifa taskforce,’ which Scott said is aimed at disrupting the Black lives matter movement.

“We have one message for her,” Scott said, “The people of Dallas and this country want an end to the terror of far-right and white supremacist violence by vigilantes and police; no more political repression.”

About 80 people marched, stopping off on the way to city hall at the federal building, where the protesters expressed their anger at the federal government's repression of Black lives matter protesters.

At one point, the protesters blocked a downtown street for about five minutes. Several motorists exited their cars and yelled at the protesters for blocking the road. But passersby shouted back at the motorists that the protesters had good reason to block the street and between that and the protesters themselves the motorists were shouted down.

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